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Rep. Ted Lieu To Trump: There Will Be ‘Widespread Civil Unrest’ If Mueller Is Fired

Appearing on MSNBC Monday night, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu issued an ominous warning on Monday, telling President Donald Trump that if he moves to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, there will be “widespread civil unrest.”

Trump has escalated his war on the special counsel investigation in recent days, not only through the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe but also via Twitter, where the president has directly attacked Robert Mueller.

However, the American people are paying attention and will not tolerate such a brazen act of obstruction on the part of the president, Rep. Lieu says.

“If the president does go ahead and fire Robert Mueller, we would have people take to the streets, the California Democrat told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“I believe there would be widespread civil unrest because Americans understand that the rule of law is paramount. … I think you’re going to have protests and marches and rallies and sit-ins. I believe Americans would not stand for the firing of Robert Mueller. First of all, the president hasn’t been able to point to a single thing that Robert Mueller has done wrong. There is no basis to fire him. And he’d have to fire deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein first in order to fire Robert Mueller.”

While there is no credible reason to fire Mueller, the president’s social media tantrums suggest he’s inclined to do just that.

As Rep. Lieu said, firing Mueller would only add another piece to the growing pile of evidence in the obstruction of justice case against Trump.

Sadly, Republicans are doing nothing to protect Mueller.

If the president decides to force Mueller out, not only would the American people take to the streets and voice their fierce opposition, but they would march into the voting booths in November and make the Republican Party pay for allowing such a thing to happen.

Watch Lieu’s interview below via MSNBC:

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