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REPORT: British Spy Just Revealed Insights On Trump’s Ties To Russia Dating Back To 2015


REPORT: British Spy Just Revealed Insights On Trump’s Ties To Russia Dating Back To 2015

Donald Trump won the Presidential election in 2016 thanks to the help of Russia, who meddled in the election and hacked the DNC to help Trump win.

A new report released on Thursday revealed that Britain’s spy agencies were instrumental in drawing attention to possible links between Trump’s 2016 election campaign and Russian intelligence operatives.

According to The Guardian, GHCQ first noticed suspicious “interactions” between the Trump teams and Russian agents back in 2015.

GHCQ had no intentions of specifically targeting Trump’s team or proactively probing for information from them, but it was by chance that they picked up alleged conversations during surveillance of Russian assets, according to The Guardian.

The British weren’t the only ones who took notice of a pattern of connections. According to sources who spoke with The Guardian, a number of Western intelligence agencies shared additional information about ties between Trump’s team and Russia through summer 2016.

The news outlet gave confirmation that Australia, Germany, Estonia and Poland all relayed information. And according to a second source who spoke with The Guardian, France and the Netherlands were also contributors before Election Day.

Last month Trump made a claim the former President Obama “tapped his wires” at Trump Tower in New York City last year, a claim that was proven to be false.

Also last month, GHCQ issued a public statement saying that Trump’s claims on Obama were “utterly ridiculous.”

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