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REPORT: Conway Loses TV Appearance Privileges After Controversial Statements


REPORT: Conway Loses TV Appearance Privileges After Controversial Statements

Kellyanne Conway has recently been sidelined from appearing on television and speaking for the White House. This is because of her multiple on-air statements contradicting the Trump administration’s official stance, CNN reported Wednesday.

Conway’s last appearance on national television was last Monday, where she argued that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had the “full confidence” of President Trump.

According to a source from the White House Conway was “off message.”

This isn’t the first time Conway has said a contradicting statement. In an attempt to defend Trump’s Muslim ban she citing a non-existent “bowling green massacre.” She also used her on-air time on “Fox and Friends” to promote Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

Conway did attempt to give a reason as to why she hasn’t appeared on television lately, saying that Trump is his own best “communicator and connector,” and did not need her to be a constant presence on television. “None of us do it like he does,” she said.

One source close to the White House told CNN that the Trump administration has seen fewer controversies in Conway’s absence.

“Clearly they’re having much more of a drama-free week,” CNN quoted the source as saying. “Having Kellyanne off television is helping them.”

Although one person from the White House, Deputypress secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that claims that Conway had been sidelined from television were false, calling the accusations “another wild goose chase.”

“Kellyanne has a number of media appearances this week and also has a large portfolio at the WH and is spending significant time focusing on it,” she told CNN.

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