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REPORT: Donald Trump Could Get Booted Off The Ballot In Minnesota

A lawsuit filed by Minnesota Democrats with the state Supreme Court could have the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, along with the GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, removed from the ballot in their state over a procedural flaw, the Huffington Post reported.

According to the report, “the lawsuit stemmed from provisions requiring that each party nominate 10 electors and 10 alternates at their state conventions who would represent Minnesota in the Electoral College vote held after the presidential election.

Donald Trump. Photo via Imgur

Donald Trump. Photo via Imgur

The GOP failed to select the alternate electors and almost didn’t make the ballot at all. The state party ultimately held a meeting to select the alternates.”

But there was a wrinkle in their move. The DFL claims that since the GOP alternates weren’t selected at a state convention, as required by law, they shouldn’t count.

Although the Republican Party said Minnesota’s secretary of state accepted the alternates as meeting the legal requirements, one GOP official admitted there might be a problem.

Based on the wording of the law, “it is likely none of the Republican electors were legally elected,” James Carson, party chair for the fourth congressional district, told reporters.

As a result, the state Democratic Party wants Trump booted from the ballot.

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