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Report: Israel Police Calling For The Indictment Of Netanyahu For Corruption

Donald Trump’s very good pal, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, could be looking at being indicted on corruption charges.

According to The Times of Israel, police chiefs, including the general commissioner of Israel’s police force, were in “unanimous agreement” that Netanyahu should be indicted after accepting multiple bribes from wealthy benefactors.

The recommendation from Israel police will be sent to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. If he believes that there is enough evidence of corruption he will be able to indict the prime minister.

Netanyahu dismissed the police’s allegations against him in a Facebook post.

“The State of Israel is a state of law. The law says that the one to determine whether there is evidence against the prime minister is the attorney general and he consults with the state attorney. The state prosecutor recently said in the Knesset that about half of the police’s recommendations end with nothing,” Netanyahu said Wednesday.

“So do not be nervous … I am sure that at the end of the day the competent legal bodies will come to one conclusion, to the simple truth: There is nothing,” he added.

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