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REPORT: Kushner’s New Attorney Has Ties To Russia And Oil Companies


REPORT: Kushner’s New Attorney Has Ties To Russia And Oil Companies

More Russia scandals arise, this time it involves Jared Kushner. Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser has a new attorney and according to a new report, his firm has ties to Russia.

The New York Law Journal reported on Tuesday, that Chadbourne & Parke, the firm representing Kushner, have boasted on their website that it has advised Russia’s Sberbank during the acquisition of a 20% stake in a mineral deposit development company.

The law firm has also worked with has also worked with Rosneft, a Russian oil company, to help them negotiate with U.S. oil and gas companies.

To add to the scandal, Chadbourn has their history with the U.S. President. The firm has helped Trump in the past, helping guide the owner of the Trump Ocean Club hotel and condo in Panama City.

Abbe Lowell, Kushner’s new lawyer, spoke with MSNBC back in March, nothing the weird coincidence that Trump and Michael Flynn both blasted those who are granted immunity to testify.

“It is a little ironic, right, that both President Trump and Mike Flynn himself, during the campaign, both made those ridiculous statements that if somebody gets immunity, they must be guilty of something. But that’s clearly not the case,” Lowell said.

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