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Maryland GOP Governor Blocks State Policy From Launching Investigation Into Kavanaugh Assault Allegations


Maryland GOP Governor Blocks State Policy From Launching Investigation Into Kavanaugh Assault Allegations

In a blatant attempt to protect Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is blocking the Maryland State Police from launching an investigation into Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations.

The move came after Maryland state Sen. Cheryl Kagan, a Democrat, sent a letter to Hogan demanding an investigation into the allegations.

“Ford deserves the basic fairness she has been denied, and you have the power to give it to her because the assault allegedly occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland.” Kagan wrote, according to The Intercept. “I know you understand the importance of an independent investigation because you signed HB1342, which requires an independent investigator to examine sexual harassment by members of the Maryland General Assembly.”

HB1342, which Hogan signed in May, is legislation designed to strengthen anti-harassment policies and prevent sexual harassment. It was pushed by the Women’s Caucus in the Maryland General Assembly.

However, Hogan rejected Kagan’s request at a news conference several hours later, according to the Baltimore Sun. “The Maryland State Police will not be getting involved in this,” he said, without further explanation, The Intercept reports.

Kagan tweeted that she was “disappointed” in Hogan and “hopes he’ll reconsider!” Two hours later, she tweeted again that she hopes the governor “changes his tune and decides to stand up for Maryland women who have been assaulted. #InvestigateKavanaugh”

Democratic state party chair Kathleen Matthews said: “If Donald Trump doesn’t have the integrity to authorize an independent investigation by the FBI, then Larry Hogan has a duty to authorize an independent investigation by Maryland state police.”

In Maryland, there is no statute of limitations for rape or attempted rape, and Ford has described her assault as “attempted rape.”

Ike Leggett, the executive of Montgomery County, told the news outlet that he has spoken to Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy, and that the state’s attorney’s would “of course” look into the allegations if more details emerged, like the time and address of the alleged incident.

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