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Report: Pruitt’s Extensive Use Of Security Detail Has Cost Taxpayers Millions

A new report has revealed that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt has cost taxpayers way more than previously thought. It was revealed on Friday that Pruitt’s extensive use of a security detail has cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

The Associated Press obtained EPA documents and sources that revealed that the EPA has spent about $3 million on a 20-person, full-time security detail and travel expenses for Pruitt.

Pruitt has been under a lot of scrutiny lately after reports revealed that he paid $50 a night to stay in a condo owned by the wife of an energy lobbyist.

Pruitt has also been heavily criticized for his expensive taste. He has already spent more than three times as much in security detail than his predecessor and has a habit of using first-class flights for his travels.

According to the AP, Pruitt’s security staff is making about $160,000 a year due to their overtime requirements.

Many Democrats and a couple of Republicans have urged Pruitt to resign from his post after constantly spending high amounts of taxpayer funds for trips.

Trump expressed his support for Pruitt this week.

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