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Puerto Rican Town Rebuilds Own Power Grid After Trump Constantly Denied Them Help

Residents of Coamo, Puerto Rico grew tired of waiting for Donald Trump to take action and send Army Corps of Engineers to help that they collectively rebuilt their own power grid.

Puerto Rico has suffered the longest-running power outage in U.S. history and has been waiting for Trump to send help.

According to NBC News, the residents of Coamo have been “pulling power lines from the undergrowth and digging holes for wooden posts in a do-it-yourself effort to solve a small part of the United States’ longest-running power outage,” which started last October when Hurrican Maria hit U.S. territory.

Vice Mayor Edgardo Vazquez spoke to NBC News and said that if his town did not take drastic measures they would likely be out of power until next summer.

According to 60-year-old resident Carmita Rivera, she started to organize people to help rebuild the grid. The town was growing tired of living in the dark.

“Desperation set in,” she said. “We all felt like: ‘What about us? We’re human beings. Enough is enough.’”

Sue Kelly, president and CEO of the American Public Power Association, spoke to NBC News and said that although the story is inspiring, there are many safety concerns.

“The biggest issue is safety,” she said. “We are making good progress… but uncoordinated efforts can result in death.”

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