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Report Raises Questions Of Epstein’s Final Days Alive, ‘His Suicide Makes No Sense’


On Saturday, accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein was found dead on his cell floor from an apparent suicide. A new report by The Hill raised concerns about Epstein’s death and came to the conclusion that “his suicide makes no sense.”

According to the report, Epstein had already attempted to commit suicide just two weeks prior to his death. This, for some reason, caused him to be put in solitary confinement and under suicide watch.

Which makes us wonder, how in the world could he commit suicide?

The Hill reported:

There is a valid use for solitary confinement in a penal institution. If you’re a threat to the institution or a threat to its staff, an escape risk or a threat to national security, then solitary confinement should be considered.

But not in this case. Jeffrey Epstein — in spite of his previous pleas or the new, serious charges — was none of the above.

The report goes on to ask the following questions:

So why was Epstein placed in “solitary” in the first place? After his first attempt, were his cell and his supervision changed? Was he watched constantly by cameras in his cell, or only checked sporadically? Was he allowed to have objects that he could use to attempt suicide again, after having done so once before? How could a prisoner hang himself — as Epstein did, according to early reports — and no guard would immediately see it or react? Why, given his previous attempt and all of the issues surrounding his case, wasn’t a supervisory officer watching him constantly and able to respond immediately?

We must agree, none of this makes any sense. But we want to know your opinion. Do you believe Epstein’s death made any sense? Was it actual suicide?

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