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Report Reveals Even Fox News Thinks Sean Hannity Is Losing His Mind

A new report on Tuesday revealed that Fox News executives feel as if longtime host Sean Hannity has gone too far with his support for Donald Trump.

Hannity, who has increasingly delved further into the realm of conspiracy theories ever since Trump’s election, is believed to be “going rogue” for sharing his personal opinions about Trump with his viewers and not sharing one ounce of factual information, according to BuzzFeed News.

One of BuzzFeed’s sources revealed that there’s a growing tension between Hannity and the network ever since Hannity was instrumental in lobbying Trump to hire Bill Shine as his new communications director.

Shine is the former Fox News executive who was accused of helping former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes cover up a series of sexual harassment.

“Hannity and Trump reportedly speak almost nightly, and Fox leadership harbors suspicions that their top host has spent time bad-mouthing his own network to the president,” BuzzFeed reports. “Hannity has maintained his leverage with Fox, in part, through his singular importance to the network’s conservative audience and by continuing to bring in huge ratings.”

Despite the network expressing their concerns about Hannity, they would reportedly “never dare rein him in,” due to his ratings, no matter how much they might personally object to his show’s content.

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