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Report Reveals Trump Makes Nightly Phone Calls To His Friends To Complain About SNL And ‘Fake News’


Report Reveals Trump Makes Nightly Phone Calls To His Friends To Complain About SNL And ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump’s first year as president could be described as a disastrous rollercoaster that keeps going down. Trump has been known for taking to Twitter every chance he gets to complain just about everything that doesn’t make him look “good.” Now, a new book revealed that Trump had another hobby: spending his evenings in bed by 6:30 p.m. to eat a cheeseburger, watch TV and make phone calls.

According to Michael Wolff, who spoke with a number of sources in Trump’s campaign and in his administration, the president was unprepared and struggling with his new life.

Wolff revealed that Trump liked to go to bed early to spend his evenings gossiping over the phone with his friends as he watched television.

“As details of Trump’s personal life leaked out, he became obsessed with identifying the leaker,” Wolff reported. “The source of all the gossip, however, may well have been Trump himself. In his calls throughout the day and at night from his bed, he often spoke to people who had no reason to keep his confidences. He was a river of grievances, which recipients of his calls promptly spread to the ever-attentive media.”

Wolff recounts one “seething, self-pitying, and unsolicited” phone call Feb. 6 to a casual acquaintance, where the president ranted about media coverage and his disloyal staff.

Trump attacked multiple media outlets, journalists, and reporters. One particular person he wasn’t too fond of was CNN chief, Jeff Zucker.

Trump was particularly upset that his news network had aired an “unbelievably disgusting” report about a dossier detailing his salacious alleged activity with Russian prostitutes.

“Having dispensed with Zucker, the president of the United States went on to speculate on what was involved with a golden shower,” Wolff wrote. “And how this was all just part of a media campaign that would never succeed in driving him from the White House. Because they were sore losers and hated him for winning, they spread total lies, 100 percent made-up things, totally untrue, for instance, the cover that week of Time magazine — which, Trump reminded his listener, he had been on more than anyone in ­history — that showed Steve Bannon, a good guy, saying he was the real president.”

According to Wolff, Trump also complained about “Saturday Night Live” and said that adviser Kellyanne Conway had been keeping a record of the unfair treatment.

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