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Report: Trump Imitates Indian Prime Minister’s Accent During Their Meetings

News reports have revealed that Donald Trump is known for faking an Indian accent during Oval Office meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Trump has been criticized on multiple occasions, the most recent being for calling Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations “shithole countries.” Trump was also said to be racist after calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” as a way to mock her assertion that she has Native American roots.

During the summer Trump was also criticized for being racist after he defended White supremacists during the march in Charlottesville, Virginia, calling them “very fine people.”

There seems to be a pattern of racist remarks here. Now, Trump is using a fake Indian accent while having meetings with Modi, according to The Washington Post.

According to multiple senior administration officials who spoke with the Post, Trump is known to use an Indian accent when imitating Modi.

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