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REPORT: Trump Is Planning To Use UN Climate Fund For Coal Plants


REPORT: Trump Is Planning To Use UN Climate Fund For Coal Plants

A Bloomberg News report from Friday revealed that Trump and his administration are getting ready to use a United Nations climate change adaptation fund to pay for the construction of coal plants instead.

According to an official spoke with Bloomberg and said that the White House is planning to use the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which the U.S. has contributed $1 billion to, for more “clean coal” power plants around the world.

Trump seems to be going backwards in time, which explains a lot. The Green Climate fund was set up by the U.N. as an effort to get richer countries to contribute to developing nations who are bracing for the worst impact of climate change.

The official also told Bloomberg that the administration will push to spend future money on “clean coal” and other power plants that aim to produce fewer carbon emissions than existing power facilities.

Trump has complained about the the Paris climate agreement. One of his main complaints was the $3 billion pledge the Trump administration made to the GCF.

Trump announced earlier this year that he will be dropping the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement and will stop future payments to the GCF.

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