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Report: WH Officials Are ‘Annoyed’ At Trump For Timing SCOTUS Nominee Announcement To Boost Hannity’s Ratings

Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman, who has insight in the Trump administration, revealed on Monday that White House staffers are “annoyed” at Donald Trump for timing his Supreme Court nominee announcement in order to boost his friend Sean Hannity’s ratings.

According to Sherman, “some aides are annoyed Trump is announcing SCOTUS pick at 9pm because staffers think [new deputy chief of staff for communications] Bill Shine chose 9pm hour to help Sean Hannity’s ratings.”

Moments later, Sherman tweeted a reminder that “Trump announced [Supreme Court Justice Neil] Gorsuch at 8pm in East Room ceremony,” noting that Hannity had recommended Trump to pick Amy Coney Barrett.

Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone, also pointed out that Hannity knew Trump would be making his announcement when his show started.

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