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Reporter Defies Trump’s Rules And Records This Live Video During Off-Camera Press Briefing

The Trump administration has made a ridiculous rule that press briefings cannot be recorded.

Luckily for the public, there are reporters like Ksenija Pavlovic of The Pavolovic Today broadcast who defied Trump’s orders and decided to record a live video from the Wednesday press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Pavlovic shared two live streams on her Periscope account, one lasting 17 minutes while the other one lasted 31 minutes.

Other reporters who have been fed up by the Trump administration praised Pavlovic for her bravery and have honored her as a hero.

“Yet her act of rebellion marks a significant development in White House-media relations. Reporters have chafed at recent restrictions on coverage of news briefings, urging the president’s communications team to allow live broadcasts,” The Washington Post explained. “Nevertheless, they have complied with the White House’s rules, despite carrying devices that can stream video or audio with a few taps of the thumb.”

Watch the recordings below:

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