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Journalists Slam Trump For Having ‘News Conference’ And Refusing To Answer Any Questions

Donald Trump received backlash from members of the media on Friday after he refused to answer questions at what he described as a “news conference.”

Trump tweeted prior to talking to the press about the new economic numbers saying: “GREAT GDP numbers just released. Will be having a news conference soon!”

But when it came to the actual “news conference” Trump did not answer any questions and just walked out after giving a “very LONG” speech.

In response, journalists took to Twitter to call Trump out for refusing to take questions.

Trump has an ongoing reputation of refusing to answer questions from reporters that he doesn’t like.

He recently refused to answer a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta during a joint press conference with U.K Prime Minister Theresa May because he comes from a “fake news network.”

And, earlier this week he had Kaitlan Collins banned from a press event for asking “inappropriate” questions.

According to The Washington Post, Trump hasn’t held a press conference in over a year – 525 days to be exact.

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