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Fed Up HW Reporters Vow To ‘Cover The Sh*t Out Of’ Trump’s ‘Ridiculous And Abnormal’ Rules


Fed Up HW Reporters Vow To ‘Cover The Sh*t Out Of’ Trump’s ‘Ridiculous And Abnormal’ Rules

White House reporters have had enough of Donald Trump’s absurd rules to keep them from delivering the news to the American people. After Sean Spicer banned live broadcasts of press briefings, the journalists tasked with covering Trump’s presidency are openly talking mutiny.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s often-invoked “no recording” rule caused CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta to accuse the White House of “stonewalling,” and he later told fellow host Brooke Baldwin that he doesn’t know why the network covered Monday’s press brief.

“If they can’t give us the answers to the questions on camera or where we can record the audio, they’re basically pointless,” Acosta said.

Another reporter told the Daily Beast that they find the White House’s “reliance on off-camera briefings to be very frustrating.”

“If I can’t include video of my questioning, it makes me wonder why I shouldn’t just skip the briefing and rely on email to get answers,” the correspondent said.

New York Magazine‘s Olivia Nuzzi added that instead of skipping the no-recording briefings, press poolers should report when they’re not allowed to record.

“I think that’s what they’re hoping for—an easy out from doing their job of informing the public by answering to a free and independent media,” Nuzzi told the Beast. “If the White House is going to continue to attempt to avoid the press in favor of communicating through press releases and presidential tweets, let’s cover the sh*t out of that and highlight, as often as possible, how ridiculous and abnormal this is becoming.”

You can read the entire report on the Trump White House’s media blackout on The Daily Beast.

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