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GOP Lawmaker Just Got Booted From Midterm Ballot After Being Caught Submitting ‘Invalid’ Signatures For His Reelection

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn (Col.), who is running for reelection, was dealt a major blow on Monday after the state Supreme Court ruled that he broke state rules in collecting signatures for his reelection bid and must leave the race.

The court ruled that Lamborn, who has been in Congress for six terms, should not be on the GOP primary ballot for the upcoming midterm elections because he did not receive the required 1,000 valid signatures on his petition, the Denver Post reports.

“We recognize the gravity of this conclusion, but Colorado law does not permit us to conclude otherwise,” the court said in the ruling, according to The Post.

Colorado election code requires that employees gathering signatures for candidates’ election petitions must be Colorado residents.

A group of Republicans in Lamborn’s district filed the lawsuit, questioning whether people Lamborn had hired lived in the state, and therefore the validity of the signatures.

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