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Republican House Candidate: Bill Gates And Dems Created Coronavirus In a Chinese Lab

A Republican House candidate Joanne Wright has tweeted multiple times over the last few weeks about the coronavirus, indicating the virus may be manmade at the request of Democrats and that tech billionaire Bill Gates financing it.

The California Republican also tied the coronavirus, COVID-19, to Democratic mega-donor George Soros and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Doesn’t @BillGates finance research at the Wuhan lab where the Corona virus was being created?” Wright tweeted, earning hundreds of retweets and likes. “Isn’t @georgesoros a good friend of Gates? Isn’t it always when @HillaryClinton tweets that fire and brimstone hits us? Check Gates Foundation and Clinton Foundation for stock sells.”

The day before, responding to a conspiracy theory tweet on the origins of the virus from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Wright tweeted, “The Corona virus is a man made virus created in a Wuhan laboratory. Ask @BillGates who financed it.”

Wright did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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