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Idaho Republican Kept Dozens Of Dead Bodies In Pick Up Truck, Faces Criminal Charges: Report


Idaho Republican Kept Dozens Of Dead Bodies In Pick Up Truck, Faces Criminal Charges: Report

Just when you thought that you’ve seen everything, a new report comes along that leaves you speechless.

Nathan Hess, a Republican elected as county coroner in Idaho is facing public corruption charges for an eerie scandal involving dozens of dead bodies.

Hess worked at the only funeral home in the mortuary-lacking Valley County, ID. He was also the elected county coroner, which created a conflict of interest.

But when Hess has fired from Heikkila Funeral Home, things got beyond weird.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Hess had apparently stopped taking the bodies to the county morgue after he was fired from the funeral home on Nov. 11.

“He was keeping the bodies at his home in the coroner’s truck and transporting them to Boise,” Scott Carver, who took over as Heikkila Funeral Home director on the first of December, told the newspaper.

After being exposed, Hess resigned as coroner effective on May 18 and County Prosecutor Carol Brockman filed criminal corruption charges against Hess on August 23.

Hess allegedly received a $400 “removal fee” by bringing bodies to Boise instead of the county’s lone funeral home, which Hess was feuding.

“I had to continue doing business with someone who threw me and my family to the side without hesitation and sold the business to a stranger out from under me, so you could imagine the animosity I harbored and my unwillingness to continue business with that caliber of person,” Hess wrote to the Idaho Statesman.

Hess’ arraignment is scheduled for October 3 before 4th District Magistrate Judge Lamont C. Berecz, according to the report.

This is just another example that when it comes to corruption, Republicans don’t discriminate. Not even the dead can escape their greed.

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