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Republicans Are Already Preparing For a Pence Presidency As Trump Impeachment Looms: Report

It appears that even Republicans don’t believe that President Donald Trump will survive the Russia scandal that has plagued his administration since day one in office. According to a report published by Axios, Republicans are already trying to figure out who Vice President Mike Pence will pick to be his VP after Trump is thrown out of office.

While noting that the Republicans’ move could be premature, Axios reported that “One of the parlor games Republicans are playing in the shadows of the Russia investigation is this: Who would President Pence pick as his vice president?”

According to the report, the choices include a normal Republican type like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley. Pence could pick a Trump type like Rudy Giuliani or Jeff Sessions. He could try to calm people down with a Joe Biden or Mike Bloomberg, or he could try to reassure America with a John Boehner or Mitch Daniels.

But the point isn’t who Pence would pick. It is that we are less than six months into Trump’s term and members of his own party are openly assuming that Trump is going down and trying to guess what the new administration will look like.

Are Republicans only keeping Trump around long enough for him to sign tax cuts and a healthcare bill? Maybe.

But one thing is certain: Donald Trump has got to go, and Republicans shouldn’t be given the opportunity to use his removal to their advantage. Democrats main goal should be winning back all of Congress and then launch a full investigation into Trump that will dominate the 2020 campaign.

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