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Republicans Care About Women Being Groped –Unless You’re Donald Trump


Republicans Care About Women Being Groped –Unless You’re Donald Trump

Remember when Republicans were hysterical at the very idea their daughters and wives could be groped in the bathroom by trans-women? Yup, the mere thought of it made then faint.

For weeks, they howled loudly about the dangers lurking in bathrooms. Their wives and daughters needed to be protected from sexual predators! So they passed a discriminatory law that endangers transgender citizens. The backlash was so severe it cost the state millions in revenue and may cost Governor Pat McCrory his job.

But that was then. Now they have Donald Trump —a man who has been recorded saying he sexually assaults women and gets away with it because he’s famous. The irony of it all: They stand by and support a sexual predator.

A Facebook commenter reminded us just how conveniently bigoted and hypocritical these Republicans have always been.



During Sunday night’s debate, Trump kept dismissing his grotesque comments as “locker room banter” as if everyone does it.

But the women of America know all too well Donald Trump is exactly the kind of men we need to be concerned with. His behavior perpetuates rape culture.

Want to see how this actual predator behavior affects women? Watch how this young woman reacted after hearing groper Donald Trump downplay his behavior:
Shame on the GOP.

Video via: Media Buzz

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