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Republicans Just Came Up With a Sinister Plot To Get Rid Of Social Security


Republicans Just Came Up With a Sinister Plot To Get Rid Of Social Security

In their latest plot to take away the fundamental benefits that have saved millions of seniors from falling into poverty, Republicans are now looking for ways to bribe Americans into forgoing their government-guaranteed retirement security.

Republicans have unveiled several plans that would require Americans cut into their future Social Security benefits to pay for immediate needs.

A parental leave plan being proposed by Ivanka Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) would require parents to postpone retirement age and forgo Social Security payments in the future. It’s a clear attempt to chip away at Social Security, a long-standing target of the GOP.

Democratic lawmakers have suggested raising corporate taxes to pay for new paid family leave legislation. Republicans, however, rejected the idea, accusing Democrats of creating a new “entitlement.”

Another ridiculous plan being pushed by GOP Congressman Rep. Tom Garrett would force young people struggling with college loan debt to stall their Social Security benefits until later on in life in exchange for loan forgiveness.

Progressives were outraged when Garrett announced his plan.

“Rep. Garrett’s plan is simply a fancy fraud on young people trying to start their lives….Social Security is a promise and no one should be able to limit that promise,” Melissa Byrne, a former Bernie Sanders staffer and candidate for DNC vice-chair, told Vox.

The Garrett plan and the Ivanka-Rubio scheme are clearly linked. Social Security advocates have noticed that while Republicans are perfectly happy to continue direct attacks on Medicare, they’ve learned that Social Security will be much harder to dismantle, given its popularity. But that doesn’t mean they’re giving up their crusade. They’ve just found a new strategy: manipulating people into giving up their benefits in exchange for basic rights they should already have as workers.

As noted by Vox, Republicans have openly admitted this change of tactic in their war against Social Security.

Cutting Social Security benefits in exchange for other benefits is a new tactic in the ongoing Republican war on Social Security. Since the program is too popular for them to directly cut or privatize, they apparently are now testing a strategy of forcing people to choose between important economic needs. This involves treating Social Security like a piggy bank rather than the insurance that it is. The reality is that Americans should be able to educate themselves without incurring debt, take paid leave to care for children, and have a secure, adequate source of retirement income after a lifetime of contributions.

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