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BREAKING: Republicans Must Revote On GOP Tax Bill They Already Passed Over Procedural Violations

House Republicans will revote on the bill they already passed to much fanfare Tuesday afternoon, fearing procedural violations may make it invalid, CBS News reported Tuesday afternoon.

The news of a revote comes after much fanfare upon the bill’s passage in the House. House members approved the bill in a 227-203 vote. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin sat in the Speaker’s box inside the chamber, observing the vote.

According to CBS, “several provisions in the House-passed overhaul appear to violate the procedural rules of the Senate, and the Senate will need to vote on whether to waive the rules and keep those provisions in the bill, which takes 60 votes.”

Appearing on Fox News Tuesday night, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the bill will be “only slightly” different when the Senate votes on it Tuesday evening.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, said this after news of the revote:

“The House revote is the latest evidence of just how shoddily written the GOP tax scam really is,” she said in a statement. “The wealthy and well-connected will be exploiting the hidden loopholes and giveaways in the GOP tax scam for years to come. Meanwhile, middle class families pay more and our children get stuck with the bill for an exploding national debt. Tomorrow, the American people will once again see the contempt House Republicans have for the future of the American middle class.”

The House revote will likely take place Wednesday, while the Senate is still expected to take up the bill later Tuesday evening, according to the report.

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