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Republicans Panic As Trump Abruptly Cancels Campaign Events


Republicans Panic As Trump Abruptly Cancels Campaign Events

At a time when the Republican nominee should be hitting swing states, Trump is canceling heavily promoted events in three states, sending shockwaves across the Republican establishment.

As questions grow over what is going on with the Republican nominee’s campaign, Donald Trump’s abruptly cancelled scheduled campaign events in Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada, Times reported.

Trump canceled a speech on immigration in Colorado to attend another hourlong appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, the campaign said.



The Trump campaign also announced that they are also canceling a scheduled rally in Nevada “for unspecified reasons.”

Additionally, Trump’s Oregon campaign director, Jacob G. Daniels said that Republican presidential nominee has canceled his Aug. 31 rally and fundraiser in Portland.

The schedule shakeup is definitely more drama coming from Donald Trump’s unstable personality, but one has to wonder if he is still trying. Either way, Republicans are trapped in more Trump turmoil.

The greatest irony of all would be if Trump had to cancel these events because he wasn’t healthy enough and lacks the stamina to campaign on a full schedule. Or maybe he has come to the realization that he will lose to a woman and is on the verge of taking his ball and going home.

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