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Republicans Privately Admit The Party Is ‘Built Largely On Lies’ Under Trump: Conservative Think-Tank


Republicans know that they are carrying out a mission under Donald Trump that is made up of lies and corruption. On Thursday, contributor for The Atlantic and conservative think-tank fellow Peter Wehner wrote that yesterday’s testimony from senior US diplomat Bill Taylor “was merely another massive boulder in the avalanche of evidence against the president.”

“We are well beyond the point that any disinterested person can deny that the president abused his power and acted in a corrupt manner, in ways the American founders explicitly warned against,” Wehner writes.

Wehner goes on to write that it’s not just the “partisanship and political tribalism” that makes the Trump era so unusual.

“It is the degree to which the transgressive nature of Trump—his willingness to go places no other president has gone, to say and do things that no president before him has done—has exposed the Republican Party.”

According to Wehner, Republicans will do anything to “defend Trump at all costs.”

“The Republican Party under Donald Trump is a party built largely on lies, and it is now maintained by politicians and supporters who are willing to ‘live within the lie,’ to quote the great Czech dissident (and later president) Václav Havel. Many congressional Republicans privately admit this but, with very rare exceptions—Senator Mitt Romney of Utah is the most conspicuous example—refuse to publicly acknowledge it.”

You can read Wehner’s entire piece HERE.

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