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As Republicans Stay Silent On Gun Control, Another Tragedy Just Struck Two American Families

For years, amid a string of mass shootings in places whose names are by now seared into the national psyche — Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Newtown, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, and now Sutherland Springs, Texas — Democrats have tried to enact “common-sense” gun restrictions. Time and time again, they have been blocked by Republicans

And as Republicans continue to suppress the dialogue on gun control, more gun-related tragedies continue to wreak havoc on American families.

Last night, in the Olney section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a two-year-old boy got his hands on an unsecured 9mm handgun. The gun went off, shooting the boy in the head, reported ABC-6 Action News.

A neighbor dialed 911, but his father rushed home first and took the boy to the hospital. But it was too late. The boy was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, 1,500 miles away in Hardin County Texas, two 12-year-olds were playing with a parent’s hunting rifle which discharged, killing one of them.

Classmates are remembering Glenn, according to school superintendent John Ferguson for being fun on the playground and “for that smile he had.”

Cornerstone Baptist Church Pastor Rusty Mott said Glenn was a regular attendee, “hanging out, singing… he loved to sing and always had a smile.”

These two deaths are unspeakably tragic — both in the loss of innocent young life and the knowledge that they could have been prevented with only the slightest common sense reforms around gun storage.

Police are investigating how the boys got their hands on the guns, but the sad truth is, in a legal sense, it likely won’t matter because Americans are not required to store their guns in a manner safe for children.

There is no excuse for this degree of preventable and senseless loss of life in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. After mass shootings, we hear Republican politicians repeat that it is impossible to regulate evil.

They say you can’t talk about guns, even after scores of Americans are gunned down at a concert in Las Vegas and most recently a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas by a lone man and his private arsenal.

They say that even discussing policies to stop the next slaughter disrespects the dead. They say this even while rushing toward the cameras to say that all we need in moments like this is “thoughts and prayers.” They, of course, are the craven politicians who get re-elected by playing to the most extreme elements in their gerrymandered districts.

“They” are dead wrong.

Maybe the reason that congressional Republicans and National Rifle Association lobbyists don’t want to talk about gun safety has nothing to do with showing respect for the dead. Maybe they fear a real debate on the issue because most Americans find their views on guns abhorrent.

You can call your Members of Congress and demand they support regulations on responsible gun storage (202.225.3121). And next year, we have the chance to vote out those who refuse to take the simplest action to save the lives of children.

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