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Resistance Against Trump Continues, A Retail Group Launches New Anti-Trump Ads

The National Retail Federation(NRF) stated on Thursday that they are planning to step up its campaign against Trump and Republicans’ border-adjustment proposal, with a new series of ads.

The border-adjustment proposal would subject imports to U.S. taxes and exempt exports. The Republicans’ plan is to use the the foundation for tax-reform legislation.

But retailers are fighting against it. They believe that the border tax would hurt their business and lead to higher prices on goods.

The NRF will run ads that will feature small-business owners who say they would be hurt by the tax.

The NRF is planning to run the ad below of the owner of a Massachusetts specialty-chocolate business, Erin Calvo-Bacci.

She calls the proposal “devastating.”

“It means all of my costs are going to increase,” she says in the ad.

The Calvo-Bacci ad and other ads that include small-business owners will also be running online.

“Small business owners are already struggling to survive in an over-regulated marketplace, and the border adjustment tax would push many of them under water,” David French, NRF Senior Vice President for Government Relations, said in a statement.

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