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REVEALED: Don Jr Also Used RNC Funds To Pay Lawyers

On Tuesday it was revealed that Donald Trump used money from his campaign funds and the Republican National Committee to pay for his legal defense in the Russia investigation. Later that day it was revealed that not only was it him that used the money but his son Donald Trump Jr. used almost $200,000 to pay for his lawyers.

The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Ballhaus pointed out that the RNC paid $166,000 to Trump Jr.’s personal lawyer Alan Futerfas, and paid another $30,000 to Washington, D.C.-based firm Williams & Jensen.

Ballhaus also pointed out that Futerfas received a $50,000 payout just weeks prior to Don Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives last June.

The report states that the RNC and the Trump campaign have spent more than $500,000 to defend the president and his son Trump Jr.

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