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REVEALED: Ex-NSA Chief Went Off On Trump For Not Confronting Putin In Helsinki And Denying Russian Hacking

Donald Trump has made a handful of public appearances claiming that he believes Russia hacked the U.S. election in 2016 that ended up placing him in the seat he’s in today. But does he actually believe that?

According to former Director of the National Security Agency, retired Admiral Mike Rogers, Trump still believes Russia had nothing to do with the election and did not hack – despite multiple U.S. intelligence agencies proving otherwise.

According to Rogers, Trump “would often say to me, ‘Mike, you know I’m in a different place’ on Russian hacking.”

Speaking at George Mason University’s Hayden Center for Intelligence, Rogers also admitted that he went off on Trump after the president’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki for not confronting the Russian leader of his election meddling.

“Sir, this isn’t about politics, it isn’t about party, it’s about a foreign state that is attempting to subvert the very tenets of our structure,” Rogers said he told Trump.

“I thought there was an opportunity there that I wish we would have taken advantage of,” he added, meaning, confronting Putin on Russia’s attacks on the United States.

The video can be seen here.

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