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Revealed: Kellyanne Conway Has To Leave Trump Or Face Divorce


Revealed: Kellyanne Conway Has To Leave Trump Or Face Divorce

White House counselor and alternative facts evangelist Kellyanne Conway must choose between continuing her marriage or continuing to work for President Donald Trump, Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn revealed during an interview on CNN Saturday.

According to Quin, Kellyanne Conway must leave Trump or face divorce from her Trump-hating husband, George T. Conway III, who wrote a blistering column in The New York Times explaining why he has concluded that Trump’s appointment of the acting Attorney General is unconstitutional.

“I would argue that Kellyanne is basically being disloyal to what their relationship started out being — which is two people who cared about their country and had the same values and ethics and morals,” Quin told host Michael Smerconish.

“And I think there’s no way you can support Donald Trump, given what he’s done in the last two years — separating children and parents at the border, Charlottesville, you name it, the lying all of that kind of thing — those are serious moral issues and to be married to someone who defends those issues I think would be untenable,” she added.

“That’s right, one of the president’s biggest critics is the husband of one of the president’s staunchest defenders,” host Michael Smerconish noted.

Quin suggested that “Kellyanne is the one being disloyal to him and the ethics and values and morals they set up for themselves and shared and hopefully share for their family.”

“I think in the end either she’s going to have to leave Trump or I don’t see how the marriage will survive,” Quinn concluded.

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