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REVEALED: Trump Is Trying To Provoke a New ‘Missile Crisis’ With North Korea To Boost Popularity


REVEALED: Trump Is Trying To Provoke a New ‘Missile Crisis’ With North Korea To Boost Popularity

Desperate for some major event that can distract from the Russia scandal that has crippled his fraudulent administration, President Donald Trump is reportedly trying to provoke a new missile crisis with N. Korea in order to boost his dismal approving rating.

The White House, having failed to make Trump popular in any other way, believes a new crisis would make trump more like JFK. But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just burst that bubble when he told the American people that there’s not such crisis and they could sleep well at night:

While Tillerson is trying to de-escalate tensions, Trump on Wednesday responded with more incendiary rhetoric, threatening North Korea, and asserting that the U.S. nuclear arsenal is “far stronger and more powerful than ever before.”

As noted by The Washington Post, Trump’s projection of U.S. nuclear strength comes during a moment of rhetorical brinkmanship between him and North Korea’s erratic leader, Kim Jong-Un. Trump used extraordinarily chilling language for a U.S. president on Tuesday afternoon when he warned that North Korea’s nuclear provocations would be “met with fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

Meanwhile, White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said in a Wednesday morning television interview that the brinksmanship with North Korea “is analogous to the Cuban missile crisis.” Gorka, a deputy assistant to the president who works on the national security staff, warned, “Don’t test this White House.”

However, Kim and Trump are not Khrushchev and Kennedy. During the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy and Khrushchev walked a fine diplomatic line with peace in mind.

What we have now is two deranged leaders trying to out-crazy each other and threatening to start a nuclear war any moment.

Nothing good will ever come out of amping up the rhetoric towards N. Korea. Trump’s threats are exactly what the regime there wants. They have been starving their own people for decades while telling them that the United States is the evil enemy. Now Trump is making the regime stronger and pushing the world closer to nuclear war.

It’s clear that this administration and the president are trying to escalate a crisis for no other reason than making a weak president look strong and prop up his failing presidency.

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