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REVEALED: ‘Trump Knows Republicans Are Stupid’, Kushner Told Newspaper Editor

Donald Trump launched his political career on the unfounded conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. And he was apparently aware of how gullible his followers were, straight-up calling them “stupid,” according to an editor who worked closely with Trump’s son-in-law and close advisor Jared Kushner.

In fact, Trump widened that assessment from his initial base to encompass the entire GOP, says Elizabeth Spiers, the former editor-in-chief of the New York Observer, who reported to Kushner when he owned the paper. “He doesn’t really believe it. He just knows Republicans are stupid and will buy it,” Kushner told her, GQ reported.

Kushner bought the Observer in 2006 for $10 million, installing himself as publisher. Spiers worked for him from 2011 to 2012. Earlier this year, Kushner sold his stake in the paper to a family trust and stepped down as publisher. The Observer folded its print edition last November but continues online.

In a Facebook post, Spiers said the exchange arose from a discussion she was having with Kushner about how the paper should cover his father-in-law. She told him she was “particularly appalled” about Trump’s birtherism stance, considering it racist, when Kushner brushed off Trump’s seriousness.

Evidently, Trump didn’t believe his own “birtherism” claims, and only made them charge up Republicans because they are “stupid,” and Jared Kushner once again finds himself at the heart of a troubling story.

For the last several days, Kushner has have come under the scrutiny of federal intelligence agencies over his contacts and meetings with Russian officials during the Trump campaign’s transition to the White House. Kushner was supposedly attempting to set up a back-channel for communication directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s unclear whether Trump’s opinion of his followers’ collective brainpower is why he decided swathes of them might as well be fake. This week, several news outlets reported that nearly half of Trump’s Twitter followers are bots.

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