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Richard Branson’s BRUTAL Take On Donald Trump is Breaking The Internet

Richard Branson


Richard Branson’s BRUTAL Take On Donald Trump is Breaking The Internet

“Donald Trump is an embarrassment for the world”, Sir Richard Branson has said in an interview with New Zealand radio station NewsHub, during a visit to the country.

In the video below, the billionaire businessman said the president’s first two months in office had been “disastrous” and predicted the US leader will only last a maximum of one term in office.

“The first days in office have been so disastrous that I think the chances of it lasting more than one term are extremely unlikely and I think that’s the only saving grace about the way he’s behaving at the moment,” Branson told NewsHub.

“I’ve found it rather an embarrassment for the world to have an individual running America who does not speak the truth all the time, who tries to, instead of opening borders to immigrants, has made it really difficult to get into America, and the list goes on and on and on.”

The businessman added:

“There are a lot of great business leaders like [Michael] Bloomberg who would have been great presidents of America. I think Trump is the one businessperson I know who is certainly not the right person to be running a great country like America.”

Watch the interview below:

Well said, Richard. Thank you!

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