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Rick Wilson Blasts Trump Supporters For Believing Fox News’s ‘Barkingly Insane Conspiracies’

Republican political strategist Rick Wilson took a jab at conservatives who are lured by Fox News to believe “kook-right conspiracies” that blind them from the real things going on in the world.

Wilson took to The Daily Beast on Saturday where he not only blasted Donald Trump’s presidency but the news sites that normalize and encourage the president’s behavior.

President Trump has been a “blessing for the national media,” Wilson writes. “Trump combines uniquely newsworthy behaviors: a constant flirtation with the edges of the law; a clown-car administration staffed by the corrupt, the creepy, and the craven; and a temperament better suited to an asylum than to the Oval Office.”

Wilson went on to call out Trump supporters.

“Trump fans aren’t looking for up-the-middle coverage; they’re looking for partners in the fake news explosion that helped Trump win the election,” he argued. “If being a Republican means buying into stories so obviously, barkingly insane that they sound like Roger Stone’s conspiracy rantings after a three-day meth bender, then we don’t have a political party; we have an inpatient mental health facility.”

“To remind you once again, a meaningful fraction of Republicans believed that Hillary Clinton was running a global child sex and cannibalism ring from the basement of a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant,” he added.

Wilson then blasted Fox News as being “Trump State Television.”

“Conservatives who legitimize the creepy authoritarianism, unalloyed racism, and apocalyptic religious and cultural war fantasies on the pages of Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and the dog’s breakfast of other Trump fan “news,” they’re not building conservatism,” he concluded.

The entire article can be read HERE.

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