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Rick Wilson Trolls Lindsey Graham For Being Wrapped Around Trump’s Finger: ‘He’s Doing It For Donald Trump’



Rick Wilson Trolls Lindsey Graham For Being Wrapped Around Trump’s Finger: ‘He’s Doing It For Donald Trump’

On Monday, political commentator Rick Wilson called out Republican Senator Lindsey Graham for tending to Donald Trump over the Constitution itself.

Appearing on CNN, Wilson painted a picture on host Katy Tur’s head that she will soon want to forget when he said that Graham would be quick to “shave Trump’s back” if the president asked for it.

During a segment on Monday, Wilson discussed Graham’s relationship with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Well, look, I think it is a very high hill right now to overcome the sort of political silos both parties are in,” Rick Wilson said. “But it’s obvious that it’s going to be necessary. If a democrat wins in 2020, there’s a likelihood that Mitch McConnell will be the senate majority leader, or it’ll be a slightly closer tie in the senate. So, we’re going to have to get over some of this.”

As for Graham, Wilson called the senator a “rolling tragedy” who should know better.

“He knows Biden doesn’t deserve this,” Wilson went on. “He knows the facts don’t merit it, and he knows he’s contributing to this propaganda effort to say that Ukraine was at fault.”

Tur asked why Graham is doing it if he knows it’s wrong.

“He’s doing it for Donald Trump,” answered Wilson. “He wants to be either secretary of state or re-elected or — or to be in that circle of people that Trump says are nice to him. And he’s a man without a single moral qualm. You know, today he said his obligation. You know, Lindsey had an obligation to the Constitution, the law, and the voters of South Carolina. But now basically if Donald Trump says, ‘hey, come over and shave my, back,’ Lindsey’s going to be there.”

Tur was grossed out and ended the panel by telling Wilson “to go wash his bran out with soap.”

Take a look at the discussion in the video clip below:

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