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Right-Wing Pastor Just Praised Republican Activist For Saying Dem Gov. ‘Should Be Hanging From A Rope’

Right-wing activists have always gone to the extremes to express their hatred and racism. This time it wasn’t any different, although the activist did get a praising from right-wing pastor and radio host Dave Daubenmire.

During a webcast on Wednesday, Daubenmire hosted right-winged activist Sheila Zilinsky, who claimed that it was god’s doing that caused Hillary Clinton to have health problems due to her own prayers. She then went on to say that Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) “should be hanging from a rope.”

“Christians are not being taught spiritual warfare,” Zilinsky said, cautioning that they are not exercising their “dominion over the earth.” She urged them to go on the offensive against “demonic spirits that rule the world.”

“We have weapons that are not carnal and we should have that same attitude toward the devil; you just come and try it, I will beat you down with the blood of Jesus, pal,” she continued. “We really actually have these ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missile) in the spirit and we can bind, we can loose. I said every day of the campaign, ‘I suffer the witch not to live’ and Hillary Clinton, not very long after that, she was having all sorts of crazy episodes.”

Zilinsky went on to praise Donald Trump and then called Brown a “treasonous huckster” and again called that he “should be hanging from a rope [in the] town square.”

As a response to the hate-filled message, Daubenmire said “amen.”

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