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Right-Wing Pundit Jen Kerns Crashes And Burns While Defending Roy Moore’s Alleged Pedophilia On MSNBC

Right-wing commentator Jen Kerns got more than she bargained for during a Sunday interview on MSNBC after she defended former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) against charges of pedophilia.

Kerns was participating in a panel discussion about how women will vote in the 2018 midterms, and she got herself in hot waters after columnist Michelle Bernard suggested that white women would not be a reliable voting block for Democrats.

“I am very pessimistic about what we will see happen with the white women’s vote,” Bernard explained, “in terms of are they going to vote Republican or Democrat.”

“Were it not for the vote of black women and women of color, Roy Moore would have been elected in Alabama,” she continued. “Despite very credible charges that indicated that he had engaged in pedophilia.”

Bernard went on to suggest that “white women gain power through the proximity that they have to white males, their husbands, and the vote the same way that their husbands do because it always, somehow, favors them.”

“That’s offensive!” Kerns interrupted.

“I do not see any reason for Democrats to believe that after the Brett Kavanaugh hearings we are going to see a flood of white women — particularly Republican, red state feminists — come out vote for Democrats,” Bernard warned “Whatever is going to happen in the midterm elections, it’s going to be because the vote of black women and other women of color.”

Kerns took exception to Bernard’s point about the allegations of pedophilia against Moore. According to Kerns, a “handwriting expert” had determined that part of the evidence against Moore was “false.”

“We can disagree on that point,” Kerns said.

“I always want to ask people like you, what happens if it’s your daughter? Bernard replied. “Do you automatically say, as I saw other people say with regard to Roy Moore, that back in their day people would have been happy if a judge paid attention to their young daughter.”

“If it’s you daughter that comes into play one day, are you going to change your tune?” Bernard asked.

“You know what,” Kerns shot back. “I don’t have to speak to my daughter, myself. And many women in this industry have been subject and victims of the ‘Me Too’ movement. So, I don’t have to speak to my daughter. I can speak to my own personal opinion.”

Kerns insisted that she would never make 35-year-old sexual assault claims against someone like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh if she had “zero evidence.”

“I could tell you the exact day, the exact time and who took me there and who got me home,” she said. “That’s more than we got from [Dr. Christine Blasey Ford].

“Well, I think it’s a sad day in America,” Bernard replied. “And it proves my point. There’s no reason to believe that white women are going to vote in a way that does not act against their self-interest.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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