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Mueller May Have Secretly Flipped a Powerful Witness From Trump’s Inner Circle: Report


Mueller May Have Secretly Flipped a Powerful Witness From Trump’s Inner Circle: Report

As the White House struggles to extinguish the firestorm created by the new Michael Wolff book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” a bigger problem is emerging.

Michael Wolff was able to bamboozle Trump advisers into revealing explosive details about their boss and his administration. Now, according to The Hill’s Brent Budowsky,, White House officials are wondering whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team have been working behind the scenes with a Deep Throat-like witness from within Trump circles who has provided evidence to their investigation about Russia, just like Wolff did.

Former Trump adviser Stephen Bannon reportedly told Wolff that once the meeting regarding dirt on Clinton from Russian sources was suggested, those who knew of the meeting should have immediately informed the FBI.

Bannon is absolutely right about this. When there was a Russian operation to support Trump over Clinton using material surreptitiously obtained by Russia, anyone on Team Trump who knew about this should have reported it to the FBI immediately.

The big question today is whether anyone in Trump circles who knew about this covert Russian operation did, in fact, go to the FBI and expose it. If anyone did, it would have been an act of high patriotism, and that person would be a Deep Throat witness for the FBI and Mueller.

But if Bannon knew about acts he considered treasonous, it is fair to ask whether he went to the FBI himself the minute he learned about them.

Similarly, of the various people in Trump circles who learned of the Russian operation to destroy Clinton and elect Trump, did any of them go to the FBI with that information?

It is certainly possible that one or more of them did, in which case, that person or persons would be our modern Deep Throat, providing the FBI and Mueller with bombshell information at a much earlier stage in the investigation than is currently known.

As Budowsky writes: We must give Michael Wolff credit for bringing this subject to the center of national discussion and sparking one of the most intriguing and consequential questions in the great drama that is now unfolding:

Is there a Deep Throat source hovering in the background of the investigation that we will learn about later? As a patriotic American, I sure hope so.

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