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Mueller’s Team Pours Cold Water On Trump’s Arrogant Assumption That Russia Probe Is About Over

In an extraordinary rebuke of Donald Trump’s “arrogant” assumption that the Russia investigation will be over at the end of the year, members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team confirmed to the Washington Post that they would continue their probe “through much of 2018, at a minimum.”

“The special counsel’s office has continued to request new documents related to the Trump campaign, and members of Mueller’s team have told others they expect to be working through much of 2018, at a minimum,” The post wrote, citing people with knowledge of the investigation.

The report states that the probe “could last at least another year considering that multiple witnesses, including former Trump aides George Papadopoulos and Mike Flynn, are continuing to cooperate with the investigation, as well as a “possible trial of two former Trump campaign officials.”

According to a CNN report, Trump believes he’s going to receive an exonerating “letter” from Mueller — and those close to him fear he’ll have a “meltdown” if that letter doesn’t come soon.

Well, we’ll be waiting to report that on Trump’s “meltdown.”

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