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Ron DeSantis Just Passed Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities In Florida

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill on Friday banning “sanctuary cities” in his state.

The bill was first sponsored by state Rep. Cord Byrd (R). According to the bill, undocumented immigrants will not be protected from deportation. It will also require state and local law enforcement agencies to work with federal immigration officials to identify immigrants in Florida who don’t have legal status.

The law mandates that law enforcement detain someone if there’s probable cause that they’re “removable” under federal immigration laws, according to The Miami Herald.

DeSantis took to Twitter on Friday and claimed that he was “proud to sign the bill” to “uphold the rule of law and ensure that our communities are safe,” despite evidence proving that undocumented immigrants commit crimes at a much lower rate than citizens.

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