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Roy Moore Cold Sweats As Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Out A ‘Pedophile-Detecting’ Wand And Turns It On


Roy Moore Cold Sweats As Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Out A ‘Pedophile-Detecting’ Wand And Turns It On

After exposing sitting congressmen as craven gun nuts willing to endorse arming toddlers and forcing the premature resignation of Georgia Republican Jason Spencer, who dropped both his pants and the “n-word,” how on Earth was Sacha Baron Cohen going to top himself in this week’s episode of “Who Is America?”

Enter Roy Moore.

While it’s unclear if this week’s episode of “Who Is America?” will reach the delirious heights of the first two, the opening segment did give us Baron Cohen’s Israeli ex-Mossad agent Col. Erran Morad sitting down with failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for a conversation about how to scientifically prove whether or not someone is a “pedophile.”

Baron Cohen met the “respected politician” in February of this year, after he had lost his special election to Sen. Doug Jones. When Moore explained that his home state stands with Israel because it believe in liberty, the host deadpans, “In Alabama, people have always been free, whatever their religion or race or sexuality,” to which Moore replies, “It’s part of our heritage.”

In character as Col. Morad, Baron Cohen presented Moore with an elaborate explanation of a new Israeli technology that can accurately identify sex offenders and “especially pedophiles,” adding, “The phrase ‘sweating like a rapist’ is actually based on science.”

The look on Moore’s face when Baron Cohen pulled out the pedophile-detecting wand and switched it on is priceless.

“Because neither of us are sex offenders,” he explained, it wouldn’t make any noise when he waved it in front of their bodies. But, of course, when he moved it over Moore, it started beeping. “It must be faulty,” he said. “It’s malfunctioning.”

As Moore squirmed in his seat and smiled uncomfortably, Baron Cohen asked, “Is this your jacket? Did you lend the jacket to somebody else?”

Moore then cuts the interview and walks away.

Watcht the video below:

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