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Roy Moore Gets Utterly Destroyed Online After Self-Righteous Tweet About God

Evangelicals in Alabama have seen fit to select Roy Moore, a man who has successfully solidified his reputation as a child molester and was twice removed from office for disregarding the orders of higher courts, as the Republican nominee for Senate because he calls himself a “man of God.”

Moore believes God’s law is part of civil law in the United States of America, so he carries around a pamphlet that explains how removing the Christian God from government is an affront to the Constitution —a document that contains the line, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Just don’t ask.

The accused child molester campaigned in Alabama Tuesday night with Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon where he declared that “we’ve got to go back to God to restore the morality of this country.”

Considering the avalanche of sexual harassment allegations against Moore, it’s mind-boggling to hear him talk about “morality.”

Moore later fired off the tweet below:

Twitter users were not amused and were quick to set him straight:

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