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Rudy Giuliani Gets Demolished On Twitter For Claiming Trump’s DOJ Is ‘Motivated’ To Solve Epstein’s Death

Rudy Giuliani

Cartoonishly lawyer Rudy Giuliani reappeared on Twitter on Monday to urge people to wait for “key facts” before making judgment on Jeffrey Epstein’s death. As expected, he got hammered in response.

In his semi-reasonable tweet, Giuliani contradicted Donald Trump, who posted multiple retweets accusing Hillary and Bill Clinton of having somehow murdered Trump’s long-time friend and party buddy. Well, Twitter users had the perfect response.

“The conspiracy theories concerning the Epstein death are multiplying. The facts seem unbelievable. But it is best to wait for some key facts like the findings of the autopsy. Withholding judgement is the wisest course to follow. DOJ is very motivated to get to the bottom of it.”

So what’s the problem here? Of course, Rudy is being absurd when he suggests that we allow corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr and his compromised DOJ to get to the bottom of it.

Check out some of the responses below.

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