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Rudy Giuliani Has Complete Meltdown About ‘Jerk Hit Man’ Robert Mueller

With Robert Mueller’s public testimony about his investigation into Donald Trump’s just one week away, President Donald Trump and his allies are coming out swinging against the former special counsel. Trump is so worried about this – to the point that he sent his defense attorney Rudy Giuliani onto Fox News to try to muddy the waters.

Rudy appeared on the air with Sean Hannity, one of the relatively few Fox News hosts still in lock-step with Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories. Even as Hannity began dredging up the usual fiction about how Trump was somehow framed for conspiring with the Russians, Rudy couldn’t help himself and began yelling.

The trouble for Donald Trump is that Rudy Giuliani only managed to further establish himself as a rambling crackpot desperate for attention.

“He didn’t care about the truth, he was a hitman!” Rudy said referring to Mueller. Then he began trying to falsely paint Mueller as having conspired with, incredibly, Hillary Clinton. Hannity proceeded to list off the various crimes that Trump’s top people have been convicted of, as if this somehow made Trump look good. Then Hannity predicted that he and Rudy would be sent to prison next.

Trump was so proud of it, he tweeted a video of the Rudy-Hannity segment.

Watch the interview below.

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