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Giuliani Is Now Officially Being Criminally Investigated: Report


Just a day after his two henchmen were arrested, Rudy Giuliani became the subject to a criminal investigation, according to a new report by ABC News.

On Thursday, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested as they tried to flee the country at the Dulles international airport. It was later reported that Giuliani shared a lunch with the two men at the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C. just hours before their arrest.

Now, according to ABC News, the FBI and federal prosecutors are looking into whether Rudy Giuliani’s finances were tied to the two Soviet-born business associates

Reports also revealed that Giuliani was also slated to follow with his own international flights, but the federal investigators stopped them all.

“Parnas and Fruman, two Soviet-born, Florida-based businessmen, assisted Giuliani in his effort to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his family. The association among the three men goes back several years. Giuliani has represented Parnas and Fruman in the past,” ABC reported.

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