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Rudy Giuliani Issues Mafia-Style Threat To Hillary Clinton On Behalf Of His Boss


Rudy Giuliani Issues Mafia-Style Threat To Hillary Clinton On Behalf Of His Boss

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, declared that the Trump Department of Justice will be coming after Hillary Clinton as payback for the Mueller investigation.

Giuliani, somehow emboldened by the special counsel report that exposed Trump as a thin-skinned criminal who welcomed foreign interference in the 2016 election and attempted to obstruct justice multiple times, issued an open threat to Hillary Clinton, falsely claiming that the former Secretary of State was the reason why the Mueller probe began, and that the Trump Department of Justice is going to indict her next.

“She better get a lawyer,” Giuliani said during his interview on the Fox News morning show, which looks more like Trump state television than a news program.

“How this ever got started in the first place is the next investigation. And Ms. Clinton better get a lawyer,” Giuliani said, referring to Mueller’s probe that has led to multiple former Trump campaign staffers being indicted, convicted, or pleading guilty to a litany of crimes.

“There used to be a DOJ standing policy you cannot indict a Clinton no matter how much they obstruct justice, no matter how much evidence they destroy and how often they lie and no matter that they committed perjury,” Giuliani said, saying that fake policy that never existed will now change.

The disgraced former New York City mayor admitted he had “no inside information” to believe this fake “policy” would change, but said that Attorney General William Barr, who embarrassed himself by trying to pre-spin Mueller’s report to benefit Trump, is a “man who believes in justice.”

Of course, Giuliani’s comments are rife with lies and projection.

Clinton had nothing to do with why the Russia investigation began.

The Mueller report goes into detail about how comments former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos made to a diplomat of a U.S. ally are what kicked off the Russia investigation — not the “dossier” or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against former Trump aide Carter Page that Republicans have conjured up ridiculous conspiracy theories about.

Mueller also details evidence that Trump campaign aides deleted or concealed potential evidence by using encryption apps, which made it harder for his team to verify facts.

There is no reason to investigate Clinton, let alone to indict her, but Trump, his inner circle, and the Republicans who continue to defend him keep insisting that Clinton and other members of the Obama administration should be investigated now as payback for investigating Trump.


Giuliani’s threats look more like what a mob boss would say, rather than comments from a lawyer representing the president of the United States.

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