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Rudy Giuliani Just Appeared On Fox News And Went Completely Bananas — Watch

Rudy Giuliani interview on Fox And Friends

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday and delivered an unhinged performance in which he spouted a series of conspiracy theories, attacked other Trump administration officials, and made a stunning admission about having been read what was supposed to have been a classified information about the controversial phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The former New York mayor came out swinging ferociously insisting that there was nothing wrong with Trump asking Zelensky to investigate Biden because there was a vast conspiracy to frame Trump that originated in Ukraine that included Biden, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Part of this conspiracy, according to Giuliani, was falsifying documents in order to frame former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence for money laundering, witness tampering, and assorted other charges.

The “Fox & Friends” hosts then steered the conversation back to a bombshell Washington Post story that dropped on Tuesday night in which multiple government officials blamed Giuliani for getting them into a “sh*t show” by inserting himself into diplomacy with Ukraine.

Giuliani fired back by calling all of these officials “disloyal.” Rudy also insisted at one point during the interview that the State Department should be “grateful” that he inserted himself into diplomacy because otherwise no one would have pushed Ukraine to investigate Biden.

The hosts then asked Giuliani about Trump’s reported requests to have the Ukrainian government investigate Biden, and Giuliani insisted that the president didn’t say anything wrong before revealing that he’d had the entire transcript of the conversation, which is supposed to be classified information, read aloud to him. This is particularly eyebrow-raising because Giuliani is not a government official and is instead serving as the president’s personal attorney.

Giuliani then stated that Trump would have been derelict in his duties if he didn’t push Zelensky to investigate his political rivals.

He finally concluded his interview by waxing nostalgic about his career as a prosecutor and then linking it to his current efforts to ensnare the Biden family.

“A lot of alleged criminals are not that smart,” Giuliani said. “That’s how we catch them.”

Watch the video below via Fox News.

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