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Rudy Giuliani Just Had a Bizarre Conversation With Himself On Twitter

Rudy Giuliani

It appears that Rudy Giuliani’s political career and reputation are not the only things he has flushed down the drain. Judging by his bizarre behavior, he also appears to have lost his cognitive abilities. If there’s one incident that encapsulates everything that’s gone wrong for him, we just saw it in action.

On Tuesday, Rudy reappeared on Twitter and quickly short-circuited, bizarrely quoting one of his own tweets and adding “Benny we have to get you to a rally. Are you in Pennsylvania? What part?”

That’s right, Rudy was literally talking to himself, while trying to talk to some random person named Benny. But he wasn’t done.

Rudy then quoted his own tweet again, this time adding “Glad to hear your doing better. Let’s keep communicating so we keep each other optimistic.”

At this point not only was Giuliani talking to himself in public view, but he was also pulling the classic Trump supporter move of saying “your” instead of “you’re.”

So why this matter? If anyone thinks Donald Trump has some kind of secret evil genius plan for surviving his criminal scandals, keep in mind that Rudy is his first line of defense – and Rudy is spending most of his time these days talking to himself on Twitter.

Take a look:

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